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Hey Everyone!  How are you?  I see you made it here to my store!  Yeah! Lol  

Listen I have always loved Fashion with a flare and a twist.  I will constantly showcase pieces that are a bit different. Trendy, Flashy, Classy, Hot, Update, Popping Baby!  Yes!  If you have any comments hit me up on my Instagram Page/ Mslovemovies.  My Facebook group/ We On 1's, The Jazzi Spot!  My Facebook store is my Reseller Store geared towards more Name Brand Items. Now that you are here, look around, and shop with me.  I really honestly appreciate you all being here.  This has truly been a journey for me and I am absolutely so excited about the whole journey.   Don't forget now to leave me a shout out or something about your experience.  


The Jazzi 1!